2 Ways to Solve Your Error Camera on your Android

Having a nice camera phone is something must in today’s trend. Android, as one of the best OS mobile phone also provides camera as one of its feature. By having a camera on your android, you can capture the events that is happening surround you. Capture every moment, give it effects and upload it to social media are something common nowadays. But sometimes the android user faces a problem in their camera. Sometimes the camera is error or it doesn’t work properly. It is of course disturbing for us because every moment will not happen for twice and error camera can distract the moment. There are many causes that can make the camera being error. Today, I will show you the steps of how to solve your error android camera. It is simple, you can choose both ways that I will give you.


Maybe some of you here ever found both appearances on your android phone when you access the camera. When you tap the menu “Camera”, suddenly there is a warning “Cannot connect to camera” or “The application Camera (process com.android.camera) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again”. Both errors can disturb our moment and therefore you should solve it. Actually there are two simple ways to solve the error camera:

a) Manual

This is the first step that you can do. You need to erase the application data. The steps are: go to “Setting” menu on your android, then choose “Apps”, and then choose “Running” and then you should find the application “Camera” and tap the menu “erase data” to erase the data of your camera. After that, you should stop the camera operation by the menu “Force to stop”. After that, you can go back to Home button, open the menu “camera” and you can check whether the camera has been normal or not. This manual step is usually working for android camera.

b) Application’s help

You can solve the error camera by uninstalling it. The error camera usually occurs because the update that runs for the camera application. You can uninstall the camera menu by going to “Setting” menu, choose “Apps”, and find out “Camera”. Please “uninstall” it. After the process of uninstalling is finished, reopen the setting menu and re-install the camera. After the process of re-install is done, go back to “Home” menu and go to camera menu. It usually works for an error camera in android phone.

But in case if both ways still cannot solve the error on your camera, it probably be caused by hardware problem from your mobile device. You can check it on the official outlets to detect and identify the specific problem on the camera.

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