3 Facebook Features For Online Marketing You Need To Know

Working in a marketing world in this modern era would be incomplete if not using the various social media that is available now. Social media helps you to connect with many people around the world, for free. Therefore, as a modern marketing team, you need to maximize the use of social media. One of the social media that can be used is Facebook.

Using Facebook as a helper tools for your marketing effort is not only about updating status, establish friendship with many people or tagging photo for promotion. More than that, there are four features of Facebook that can be useful for a marketing team to maximize promotion of their product.

Activity Log

Activity log is a timeline that contains information about the interaction that you do together with costumers of the brand or product that you sell. By using Activity Log, you can monitor the comments and questions quickly and easily from Facebook.

This feature can help you to measure how well your relationship and interaction with your costumers. By getting to know the style of interaction between you and the costumers, you can determine the appropriate advanced strategies that you can do to further promote your product and make it more well known.

Demographic Targeting

If you manage the tabs in the admin panel of Facebook, then you can make updates to specify a certain demographic group in a region. Demographic targeting feature will help you to communicate with Facebook users from other countries.

One example of optimization the use of demographic targeting feature is the one that is attempted by Netflix. Netflix tried to deliver different TV shows and movies to each countries that becomes their market target. For example, TV shows and movies that are offered by Netflix in Canada can be different from the ones in United States.

If Netflix wants to inform their costumer in a certain country about their latest update, then Netflix can use the sub feature of demographic targeting, the feature to hide updates for consumers who do not come from the target country. Not only that, demographic targeting feature can even be used to hide post updates from Facebook user with specific age range.


Integration with Twitter

Cross promotion using different social media networks at the same time has become an important component that helps to achieve a marketing success for a business or brand. Facebook was aware of it and eventually added feature to integrate their platform with other social media platform, Twitter. A joint force between Facebook and Twitter, as the two largest social media network, would provide a higher potential to achieve the most favorable marketing effort.

This feature will allow you to immediately update a post on two social media at once. When using this feature, do not forget that every tweet that comes from Facebook will have a link back to your Facebook page. As you know, Twitter has 140 characters rule, so you need to pay attention to the number of characters that will be generated.


Taking advantages of these Facebook features will make online marketing becomes easier and more efficient, because as a marketing team, you can easily gather information from your customers to develop your marketing strategy.

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