4 Important Things that Should be Considered when Buying Laptop Battery

Laptop has been a compulsory item that should be owned by everyone today. You may place it on 2nd rank after mobile phones. Laptop is so crucial to support or assist your everyday activity either in home or in your office. As you use your laptop time by time, it sometimes experiences the decrease on performance, and therefore sometimes your laptop battery is easy to drop in short time use or even cannot be charged anymore therefore you should always connect it with the power socket. For those of you who want to buy a new laptop battery, there are some considerations that you need to take in order to get a best laptop battery.

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Here are 4 Important Things that should be Considered when Buying Laptop Battery:

1. Know your laptop battery type!

This is the first thing that should be concerned. You need to know the type of laptop battery that you have. The usual type of laptop battery is that commonly used now is Li-Ion battery or Lithium Ion. This common type of battery is the successor of NICD/NIMH type. Today’s laptop battery has used Li-Po battery or Lithium Polymer battery that can prevent itself from overcharging (quite useful for those of you who always forget to uncharge your laptop when it has been in full battery). You can check the type when you lose the battery from the laptop. To buy the new one, you need to see the type and the battery code so that it’s compatible with your laptop.

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2. Know your battery type!

It is a common thing when you have different laptop type you will also have different battery type/code. Although it is physically the same, only differed by the color, but the number/code is sometimes different.

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3. Know the kinds of your battery!

There are original battery, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) battery and non-original battery. Original battery is manufactured by the producer of laptop itself. For example, if you want to buy ASUS laptop battery, the original one must be entitled as ASUS battery and it is sold directly on ASUS center. The price can be more expensive than any other type of battery but the compatibility and quality is the best among all. The second one is OEM. OEM battery is made by other manufacturer instead of original manufacturer, but OEM battery producers have been granted for a license by the original producers. The price can be cheaper but the quality can be equal for 90-98%. The non-original is the battery that is made by non-licensed manufacturer. The price is the cheapest than the rest two batteries but for compatibility and quality, it can be said that it is the lowest one.

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4. Price

This is the last consideration. You can choose all types of laptop battery but you need to consider of how much budget that you have. But if you have a limited budget, I would suggest you to buy the OEM one. OEM is indeed cheaper than the original but the charging ability averagely touches 400 times. It means, it can still work normally at least for 1-1,5 years.

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