4 Tips to Shutdown the PC which Cannot be Shutdown

Maybe you have ever experienced that your laptop is so difficult to be shut down. Although you have shut it repeatedly, there is no response at all given by the laptop to shut down the PC immediately.

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I guess your thought is so random. Sometimes you think that your PC has been attacked by the virus, sometimes you think that there is something wrong with the hardware. For this case, I agree in some extents that it is caused by the virus or by the hardware, because indeed, the case like this is sometimes caused by a damage of hardware or software.

All right, without further due, I will give you the steps to shut down the PC which cannot be shut down.

Tips to Shutdown the PC which Cannot be Shut down

1. Repair your Windows Registry

If your laptop doesn’t respond at all when it is shut down, don’t uncover everything in your PC. You just probably need to see the registry and ensure that there is no something wrong happens. Let’s see how to repair the PC registry that we can see on Google search.

After you repair the registry, try to shut down it again. If the problem still appears, you can jump into the next step.

2. Clean up all junks in your PC

The junk is one of the causes of your PC being unable to shut down, because too many junk will overload your PC, so that your PC will run slowly. Now clean up all those junks in your PC including all junks in your browser. You can install certain junk cleaner apps to do that.

After the junks have been removed, I can certainly ensure that the load of your PC will be lighter and it can be shut down quickly.

3. Delete all unused software apps

If the PC is still unable to be shut down, you can move to this step, you can uninstall/delete some unused software in your PC. The overloading apps in your PC will make your PC becomes too heavy to shut down. You can uninstall those unused apps by using uninstaller app or you can uninstall them via control panel.

4. Clean up the virus in your PC

Virus can make your Windows registry becomes error and it will affect the performance including the shutdown process. Today, there are many antivirus software to clean up your PC from the attack of those vicious items. Regularly clean up your PC before shut down, I can probably faster the process of the shutdown.

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