5 Steps to Find Out Your IMEI on Your iPhone

IMEI is an abbreviation of International Mobile Equipment Identity. IMEI is an exclusive number which is given to every cellphone’s individual. You can usually get this IMEI on the back of your cellphone’s battery. There are 15 numbers there. The usage of IMEI on iPhone is brilliant. We can mention like “The IMEI cypher” which is divided into sectors which will give you the information about your cellphone such as the factory to mobile network and other related information of your cellphone. IMEI digits are stolen by blacklist software by certain countries so that your cellphone cannot be used if in case it is stolen.


5 Steps to Find Out Your IMEI on Your iPhone

Here, I will share about 5 steps to find out your IMEI number to find out your iPhone (3G, 3GS, iPhone 2G or 4, 4S, 5, 5c, or 5c order). Here they are:

Solution 1. Dial The Universal Code of * #06 #

Step-1: Just press * #06 #, this is a universal kode on keypad in iPhone.
Step-2: Ini adalah bagaimana Anda bisa tahu IMEI nomor iPhone Anda. You can type or, just get the copy that number on iPhone clipboard from the iPhone image that has been shown before.


Solution 2. Check The iPhone Menu

Step-1: Go to the Home menu and tap Settings menu. Now click on option “General”. You will later be directed into “About” menu, choose “IMEI” option.


Step-2: This step is used to get your IMEI number on your iPhone. To copy the IMEI number, press it then the IMEI number wll be copied by your iPhone handset.


Solution 3. Get The IMEI via iTunes

Step-1: Connect your iPhone to your PC and open iTunes to obtain your IMEI number of your iPhone. Choose the image of ihone that you have from the “handset” menu which is located on the right corner of the iTunes screen and then click the resume tab. If you cannot see the iPhone handset that you have in this menu, choose the unhide sidebar option.


Step 2: Now click on the phone, then the exact image of your iPhone device. Cycle through all the numbers will show your iPhone device. Click on the Summary tab, the IMEI number will be revealed soon on your device.



Solution 5. IMEI Number from Returned iPhone or On The Back Side of SIM Card

Step-1: All iPhone types or its devices will have IMEI for each item. Find out on the upper side of your iPhone contact, you wll see the sticker which includes the IMEI number on the upper side.
Langkah-2: If the iPhone is 4S & the new one, you can get the IMEI number on the back side of the SIM Card.


Step-2: If the iPhone is 4S & the new one, you can get the IMEI number on the back side of the SIM Card.


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