5 Ways to Clean Up Your Keyboard on Your PC/Laptop

Did you know that the PC/laptop keyboard can be the nest of all bacteria in your home which further can cause a disease? Even based on the research in Britain, bacteria which exists in keyboard is 5 times dirtier than bacteria in toilet! A microbiological scientist, James Francis, found a fact after he examines 33 keyboards, toilet and door handle in an office in London.

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Indeed, this testing cannot be overgeneralized to all kinds of keyboards in the world. But, this research shows that our daily activity which we think is safe is actually sometimes destructing our health too. Keyboard is easy to be contaminate by bacteria when you often touch the dining table, usually there are some food debris which unintentionally stick to the keyboard. Besides routinely cleans up the keyboard, don’t forget to always routinely brush the keyboard. Here are 5 ways to do the cleaning activity in your PC keyboard.

1. Check the Procedure of Usage

Usually, the cleaning up procedure of keyboard has been included on the guide book of your PC, check that part/page in manual procedure, just follow the instruction written on the guide book of how to clean up the PC keyboard. If there is no guide book that explains that process, you can try the steps below about the basic steps to clean up the PC keyboard. One thing need to be remembered, you need to switch off the laptop first before you start to clean up the keyboard, don’t clean the keyboard when the PC is still on because it will be dangerous for you.

2. Throw All Debris in the Keyboard

Most of the time, many food debris like the debris of biscuits are found in the narrow part of our PC keyboard so that it makes the keyboard becomes difficult to be pressed. For this problem, you can solve by flip up the keyboard and shake up the PC so that the debris will be able to be removed from your PC.

3. Use the Air Compressor

If those debris are still too sticky, you can use the air compressor to forcefully throw all debris. This tool can be bought in many PC shops. Just syringe the air into the narrow parts of the keyboard then the debris will slowly go out from the keyboard.

4. Use the Alcohol or Electronic Cleaning Liquid

Wet up the cotton or a smooth cloth with an alcohol liquid to lift up the debris from your keyboard. Wash the buttons repeatedly so that all bacteria are lift up.

5. Use the Keyboard Guard

The keyboard guard can be one of the best preventive actions that you can choose to protect your keyboard. It will protect the keyboard from a direct dust and any debris.

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