6 Ways to Change The Start Menu Display on Windows 10

Start menu in Windows 10 does not only seem so interesting, but also simplify the productivity of their users. In the past, Start screen in Windows 8.1 was so difficult to be used by non-toucscreen users bit now, in Windows 10, it is so much easier for the users to use especially for touch screen users. Every touch on touchpad, mouse, or direct touch to screen, make the users feel more comfortable and it looks so professional. It also increases the productivity of their users.

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The display of Windows 10 now is even more dynamic because it can be customized and be beautified. One of them is Start menu in Windows 10 can be beautified so that it will make you feel more comfortable to use.

Here are some tutorials that I divide into 6 parts from Windows 10: changing the Start display. This tutorial is the first on my page to talk about Windows 10. 🙂

1. Changing the Start and Taskbar color

Open Start. You will see settings button there. Click that button to open the Settings.

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There will be a new page. This is the place where the users can have a setting for everything, the rest can be found on Control Panel. Just click Personalization.

To change the color on Start and taskbar, choose tab Colors. On “Automatically pick an accent color from my background” option, click into On to get the colors automatically from your laptop background; or click into Off to choose another colors that you prefer.

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2. Displaying the color on Taskbar and Start

On “Show color on Start, taskbar, and action center”, click into On to display that color on Start and taskbar. The color on other panel such as Action Center will follow at the end. If you deactivate this option, the Taskbar and Start color will turn into black.

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3. Making a transparent Taskbar and Start

On “Make Start, taskbar, and action center transparent”, click into On to make the Start and taskbar into a transparent mode.

4. Changing the Start Menu into touch screen mode

Click tab “Start”. Here, there are some options to customize the Start contents. To make this into touch screen mode, click into On at “Use Start full screen”, or just click into Off to make it into menu.

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So, if the Start menu in Windows 10 has turned into full screen, the display of Start menu will be like this:

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5. Choosing the Folder which will be displayed on Start

Click “Choose which folders appear on Start”. Choose the folders that you want to display on Start menu. This step will ease you up to open the folder that you usually visit or open.

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6. Tablet Mode

Tablet mode is a mode to customize the display of Windows 10 into like tablet. Of course, it will make you easier if you are the users of touch screen. Start menu will be transformed into full screen when you use tablet mode. To activate this mode, click the button which has tooltip that mentions “No new notification”, or see the picture below.

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