Activating the Wallpaper Slideshow in Windows 10 Desktop

The background slideshow feature on Windows desktop was firstly introduced when Windows 7 launched. This feature enables the users to configure the Windows to be able to present the wallpaper on desktop automatically via options that the user chooses including the time laps of the slideshows themselves.

In short, you can choose the wallpapers as many as you want and activate those wallpapers in slideshow so that Windows will automatically transform the display in every 10 minutes or even every day. Because of this slideshow feature, now you don’t need to configure it regularly in order to get a different wallpaper every time you use the PC.

The background slideshow feature is actually applied in Windows 10 too, but this feature can be said to be “hidden” because the classic personalization windows has been changed by Microsoft. In this article, I can say that, on Windows 10, this configuration can be found via Settings app.

Activating and configuring the background slideshow in Windows 10

In this tutorial, I want to discuss about how to activate and configure the background slideshow feature in Windows 10. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Right-click on blank area on your desktop and click “Personalize” to open the configuration of personalization in Settings menu.

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Step 2: Click Background. On the right side of Background, choose Slideshow from drop-down menu which this menu will facilitate you to activate the slideshow feature.

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Step 3: Now the slideshow feature has been successfully applied. Next, choose the pictures that you want to display on the desktop. Click the Browse button which lies on the below part of Choose albums and then choose the folders where you save the photos that later will be used as the wallpaper.

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All photos which are in the folder will be chose and will be used as the desktop wallpaper of your PC. If you want to unchecklist the wallpaper, just move those photos from its previous folders to another folders so that the photos will not be used as wallpaper. And make sure that all pictures in one folder that you choose has a good pixel/resolution.

Step 4: the last, choose the time laps of wallpaper transformation and change “choose a fit” according to the picture that you use. Usually, Windows 10 will change the dekstop background for every 30 minutes, but you can change the configuration for 1 minute until 24 hours.

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Like what you see above, in default, the slideshow feature will be deactivated when you use the battery. If you want to still apply the slideshow configuration when using battery, switch on the option “Allow slideshow when on battery“.

Good luck!

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