Adobe Acrobat Reader For Your Android

Today, using smartphone to assist your daily activities is something common and trending. Many people use their smartphone to help themselves to do their work such as making, editing or even publishing their work. There are many types of documents that can be read by smartphone today such as docx, xlsx, mdb and even pdf. Actually, there are many apps that can read the pdf file in your smartphone. Each of them offers the strengths and weaknesses of their products. But special for android phone, I would like to suggest you to choose Adobe Acrobat Reader as your app to open, edit, and many things for your pdf files in your android. Today, I would like to discuss about this product through this article.


Adobe Acrobat is an official app to open the pdf file by Adobe. It is a free app which is available for many platforms or operating systems such as android and iOS. There are many services offered by Adobe for your PDF files such as converting your PDF file and importing your PDF file via Adobe Document Services, you can share and arrange your PDF files to anyone such as portofolio, documents with password, spreadsheet and Adobe LiveCycle PDF.

There are many features of Adobe Acrobat for Android:

– Fast in opening the pdf files from email, web and any android product that support “share” feature.
– Open the PDF files in the form of portofolio, document with password, anotation and bookmark document.
– Text search via snippet.
– One page mode option.
– Zoom service on text and image.
– Read the documents in low light via night mode.
– Read the long passage via brightness Lock.
– Navigate the PDF documents.
– Click the link in PDF file to open directly the web in the browser.
– Use thumbnail to navigate the PDF files with a big size.
– Giving the feedback for documents via scretch, underline and highlight features.
– Add the text via Add Text Tool.
– Add annotation and comment on PDF documents.
– Give the comment on PDF files via sticky note.
– Fill the PDF forms.
– Give the name for your PDF documents.
– Print and share the PDF documents.
– Send the documents via email as attachment.
– Easy in making a selection and delete it.

And many other things that you can find on Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download the app for android for free in Google Play Store. Just access your Google Play Store and seach Adobe Acrobat and then install it.


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