Backup Your Operating System and Apps in Windows 10

Backup process is something important for all PC nowadays. For those of you who use Windows 10, you can back up your operating system including your apps in your PC. Microsoft has facilitated the backup process for Windows 10 via its image file. By having a system image back up, when someday your PC has something trouble, you only need to do a restore and the Windows will return to the normal condition including the apps. For additional info, you don’t need to do an activation anymore if your activation code has been activated previously.

The more you install the apps on your Windows 10 PC, the bigger the image file will be. Because the file size is big, you need a big external memory too, and it is highly suggested to use external harddisk to back up the image file of your Windows OS and its apps because it has a big capacity.
The backed up the image files can be kept on DVD RW, external harddisk and flashdisk. Just choose your own preference. So, without waiting any longer, let’s check the steps to back up your Operating System and Apps in Windows 10.

1. Go to Control Panel

One of the ways to enter the Control Panel is through Run menu (press the Windows logo on your keyboard + R), and then type: control and then click OK or press Enter.

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2. The window of Control Panel will appear. On View by, choose by small or large icons, and then choose File History.

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3. After that, choose/click on System Image Backup :

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4. And then choose Create a system image

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Choose the destination to save the image files, it can be saved on harddisk (internal or external), flashdisk, or DVD R/RW.

In this session, I choose DVD R as the tool that will be used as the destination of the backed up fiels, I choose DVD because it is not influenced/affected if the harddisk is broken.

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For the DVD R/RW destination, there will be a command to insert the DVD, on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and many more according to the size of the image files.

After the backup of iamge files finished, teher will be a nitification that suggest you to make a system repair disk and it is better to follow this suggestion because system repair isk is really needed when someday the Windows foes down. And for the restore purpose from the system image backup that we have just made, we need that system repair disc.

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