Here are the Steps to Upload Photos to Instagram via PC

One of the weaknesses from Instagram is that you are not allowed to share the photo beyond its official app which is designed for mobile only.

Indeed, you can use the third apps which are available in internet so that you can upload the photos into your Instagram via your PC. Unfortunately, all of those apps are claimed illegal by Instagram developers and you can be blocked to use those apps.

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But, sometimes ago, Instagram started to allow their users to upload the photos via browser. But there is a special requirement, the browser use is only for mobile device such as tablet and smartphone. According to PetaPixel, there is another way to upload your photo via browser in your PC.

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It uses a User Agent Spoofing, it is a method to deceive the system that you open the instagram site via PC. This step doesn’t use script or API from the third party so that most probably it is save to be used.

Here are some steps that you should do:

1. Make sure that your account supports the browser posting feature

Before you try to upload photo on Instagram via PC, it is better for you to try first this via mobile. Type the official website of instagram and login as usual. If there is a camera icon at the middle of the page, you can upload a photo into your Instagram via browser, otherwise, wait until the feature can be used by your account because this feature is not always available for all account.

2. Use Google Chrome, download User-Agent Switcher

In this step, you should use Google Chrome because this browser has a special app to do a User Agent Spoofing technique. That app is named as User-Agent Switcher and can be found in Google Chrome Store. Download and install on your Chrome browser and activate it.

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3. Spoof!

After you install it, you will be able to fund a new icon in the Toolbar of Chrome. Click that icon and you can see the options such as iPhone 6 and iPad. Choose iPad, then open the Instagram website. In this step, you can upload the photos directly via your PC.

User-Agent Swicther allows the Chrome browser readable as the browser used in iPad. Thus, the Instagram system will open the posting feature for photos. This step will save your time especially for those who saves their photos in PC.

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