How To Make An Online Shop Using WordPress


For those of you who want to build a more profitable online business, you will need to make an online store or online shop. You can use your online shop to sell your own products, other people’s products or making a reseller system like dropship.

Of course, you can just directly sell your product from social media, such as Facebook and do not have to make your own online shop. But it is not really good for the future of your business. What if the social media is not famous anymore and everyone moved to another famous social media, you might have to start from zero again. So it is better to just make an online shop and then promote your online shop to the social media. This way you can build your brand and it will make you look more professional in building a long-term business on the internet.

But most people don’t know how to make an online shop from scratch and doesn’t have time to learn programming from the beginning. You can always hire someone to make it for you. However, actually creating an online shop for business is not as difficult as one might imagine because there are many ready to use platform now, one of them is WordPress. WordPress is a platform that can be used to build a professional online shop. You just need to prepare a theme, domain name and the hosting place. Here is how to create an online shop using WordPress:

Prepare Domain Name and Hosting Place

You are going to build an online shop, which is a website. So, you will need a unique domain name for branding. This domain name is very important because it will become the identity of your business in the internet. Domain name is not free, you need to pay to use it. You can purchase it from some reputable registrars such as,, and

Other than domain, you will also need a hosting place to store your online shop’s data. There are many hosting providers out there, some of them even offer a free hosting. But for an online shop, it is better to use the ones that are already famous and have a good reputation so that your online shop can operate well. For example, BlueHost, SiteGround and HostGator.

Install WordPress and Prepare The Theme

After that, you need to install WordPress to your hosting place. The next step is you need to install and set up the theme for your online shop. One of the advantages of using WordPress is there are many ready to use themes that is available for WordPress. There are free ones but the premium ones are not that expensive either, not to mention, they look attractive and professional. It is recommended that you invest money to buy a premium theme.


Install Plugins For Online Shop

To support the performance of your online shop, you need to install some plugins. These plugins can help adding some features needed for your shop and improve the performance. But don’t use too much plugins because it will slow down the loading process of your online shop and make it hard to access. Some plugins that is recommended are:

  • Akismet: to prevent spam
  • BulletProof Security: to secure your website
  • Contact Form 7: ready to use contact form
  • Google XML Sitemaps: generate sitemap
  • WordPress SEO: optimize the SEO of each post
  • WP help speed up image loading

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