How to Permanently Deactivate my Twitter Account?

Hi all. I am sure that almost all of you here have the social media accounts. You may have Instagram account, Facebook, Twitter or else. Well, the social media world has been growing so rapidly and the trend always changes every time. Because the changes of trend, some social media also face a problem, because the feature they provide doesn’t follow the trend or doesn’t invent something new, they should sink from the competition. In the past, we had seen the social media platform which had sunk because they were not good for innovation such as Friendster and My Space. Today, we also see the similar phenomenon where it happens to Twitter. During 2011-2012, Twitter had become the trend and new phenomena in social media world.


It got for almost 1 billion users for only less than 2 years. But the trend of Twitter had experienced a decline since 2013 as they didn’t invent something new for their product and apparently lost from the competition with other competitors such as Instagram and Well, if you are the active user of Twitter and think that your home screen has been so silent from any updates from your friends or peers, maybe it is a good time for you to try other social media and start to close permanently your Twitter account. Well, if you think that deactivating account of your Twitter is the best option as you have been so rare to open it, I will give you the steps to permanently deactivate your Twitter account.

Actually, the steps are very simple, it is almost like deactivating the Facebook account. Here are the steps:

1. Login into your Twitter account, click into your profile
2. Go to settings menu (a gear symbol on the profile menu, just click it) but if you want to have a quick access, just type this site:


3. After that, you scroll down the settings menu and choose Deactivate my account”.


4. There will be a page for confirmation and click “Deactivate”.
5. The last step, you will be required to type your password, after that click again “Deactive Account”.


But don’t worry if you are still doubtful to deactivate your Twitter account. The period of deactivation in Twitter takes 30 days (temporary deactivation, you can still login into your account even though you have deactivated it), but after 30 days you don’t login anymore from the date of temporary deactivation, your Twitter account will be permanently deactivated (you can’t login anymore by using your old account, if you want to be the new user, you need to register again).

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