How to Remove The Sticker of Facebook in Chrome?

As the Facebook user, of course we sometimes use Facebook chat. This is one of the best features in Facebook. As the perfection of feature, now Facebook has attached many kinds of smiley in Facebook chat, you can download the sticker one by one and you can use it as your expression when you chat with your friends. But the smiley also is not only available in Facebook chat, today. It is also available in Facebook status when you comment to your friend’s status. Some of us maybe are so happy with these new features, but others may be not. Some Facebook users still prefer to have a simple appearance on their chat or their status’ comment. the smiley for them is sometimes disturbing.

For you who are using Google Chrome as the browser, I have some tricks to remove the smiley from your Facebook status or Facebook Chat. It is a simple and an easy way. Later, after you remove the Facebook smiley on your Chrome, once people post the smiley on your chat or status’ comment, the appearance will be only in a word “[sticker]”, and it will be applied to all kinds of smiley that Facebook has. So, be ready to be unable to read what do they mean behind the removed smiley, hehe.


Here are the steps to remove the Facebook smiley:

  • Open your Chrome and go to Google Web Store.
  • On the Goolge Web Store, please search the app namely “Unsticker Me”.
  • You can download this extension and install it into your Google Chrome. Click add to add the extension.
  • After you add the extension, you can go to your Facebook account as usual (login by using your email and password).
  • Please bear in your mind that Unsticker Me can only work when you’re logging in to your Facebook.
  • To feel the effect, you can check your previous status which has the smiley on its comment or you also can go to chat room and check whether all previous smileys in conversation has changed into “[sticker]” (or maybe you want to test it by updating the status or initiating a new message with your friends), if it does, it meas it has been successful.
  • As usual, if you are about to see the sticker being displayed as usual, you can uninstall the extension by accessing the Google Chrome extension and find out the extension “Unsticker Me” and remove that extension from your Chrome browser.

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