How to Uninstall The Programs Completely until Up to The Root?

Hello guys. Have you ever experienced the situation where you have uninstalled certain software or program on your computer but the registry of the program is still exist? Or maybe even worse, if the uninstallation is aimed to free up some hard disk space but after you do the installation the PC performance is still the same or nothing change on it? It might be caused by the process of the uninstallation which is not complete. The uninstallation via Control Panel still allows your PC to keep the registry of the programs. It might be very disturbing for some Windows users. Today, I would like to share about how to completely the programs even up to the root.


In this article, I will give you the tutorial about how to uninstall effectively up to the root by using the 3rd party software namely as Revo Uninstaller.

1. Download Revo Uninstaller

The first step to do it is that you need to download and install Revo Uninstaller. You can search it everywhere using Google and many more.


2. Open The Tray

After you successfully download the software and install it, you can open the software. On the main tab, Revo Uninstaller will give you the list of your installed software.


3. Uninstallation Process

In case if you are sure you want to uninstall the program, you can click for twice on the program, then the uninstallation box will appear, click “Yes” to run the uninstallation process.


4. Uninstall Mode

After you click the uninstallation box and click “Yes”, you will be directed into “Select Uninstall Mode”. Please choose “Advanced” so that Revo Uninstaller can detect the system and find out all information.

Click Next, and there will be an analysis window, click Next again.


5. Finishing The Uninstallation

Until this step, the unwanted program has been removed from your computer, but Revo Uninstaller will continue the uninstallation process. Revo Uninstaller will find out the remained files on uninstalled program folders/files.


You will be asked to delete completely the remained registry or files from uninstalled program. Click “Delete” to run the complete installation. Revo Uninstaller that we use just now to uninstall the programs is a free edition, but it is more than enough to remove all remained programs on your PC. Now you can be relax because your hard disk will not keep continuously the remained files on your uninstalled programs on your Windows PC. Happy using your PC palls!!

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