Importing Files from iPhone to Android

Well, for some people, choosing smartphone’s OS is something confusing. You can mention that Android has many strengths that iOS doesn’t, but it can also happen otherwise if you see the strengths of iOS and compares it with android’s. It’s up to you after all to choose which smartphone that you want to use, but when you want to jump from iPhone to Android or otherwise, you need to consider about data export. It could be so good not to lose some or even all of your data records from your old iPhone or android to the new one. Today, I would like to share about importing files from iPhone to Android.


1. Contacts

Contact has been the most important element to be imported when you move to other devices. If you are the iPhone user and you want to move to android, you probably face some problems in importing the contacts. Don’t worry, you can do 2 things:

Getting via Gmail: Login into your gmail in your new android phone. If you keep the contacts in your iPhone in Gmail, once you login, all contacts will be automatically recorded in the new android phone.
Transferring via iCloud: This is the alternative way, you can transfer the contacts from your iCloud to Gmail as “vCard” format.
Getting transfer via 3rd party app: simply download the app like Copy My Data, Phone Copier, or SHAREit and import it through your SIM Card.


2. Photos

Backing up photos will be the next task to do. Importing the images from your iPhone to your new android can be done via the easiest way; to move your photos from your iPhone to Android is to download the Google Photos app for iOS, sign in with your Gmail, and selecting the back up & sync option from the menu. Then download Google Photos on your Android and sign in and you’re done. It’s easy!


3. Music/Songs

Having all songs or mp3 files to be completely imported to the new android device is also another mind-blowing facility that you can get. How to do that? You can so that by using cloud storage or you can transfer up to 50,000 of the songs from your iTunes library to Google Play Music for free. Then you can access your music from any web browser and all of your Android devices. First, make sure your iPhone or iPad is synced with iTunes, then install the Google Play Music Manager on your computer, which will upload your iTunes music to the cloud.


So, that’s all of my suggestion about importing data/files from iOS to Android. Hopefully it can help you to set your android easier!

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