Steps to Change Video into Animated Image

.GIF is actually a moving animation format which is I refer in this article. Have you ever found a photo that can move and it is repeated over and over when you play it? Such as the picture that you always find in Google and any other website.

Well, you can simply define it by yourself that .GIF image is an animated photo which can move like a short video. But have you ever thought to make a moving animated photo like .GIF by yourself by using your own video? In this article, I will explain to you about the tutorial of how to convert the video into a .GIF photo format. Of course we will need a help from the software to make it, and this software is name as Instagiffer. What is Instagiffer? Instagiffer is a software which I use in this tutorial, this software can convert the video into .GIF image format.

The steps to make a .GIF with Instagiffer software

artikel gif2

1. As the first step, please download this software (Instagiffer) for free here: After that, download the software and install it into your PC/laptop and run it.

2. If you have opened it, Instagiffer will appear like the picture above. Please click the option “Load Video” and then choose your video that you want to convert into .GIF image format like I have put below:

artikel gif3

3. If you have chosen the video that you want to convert the file into.GIF format, now you need to change the setting which is placed on the side of Thumbnail. If you are confused about the description on the tab, here are the description for you.

Start Time: Time to start the converting, Leght (sec): The duration of the animated image, Smoothness (fps) : the speed of the video movement, Frame Size : The size of your animated picture, Quality : Quality of animated image, Brightness: The light and Effect: the effect that is imposed into the animated image.

artikel gif4

4. If you see the picture above, I have chosen the video to be converted as the animated GIF image and the settings have been configured. If you have set the settings that you prefer just click “Create GIF!” then the process will start on your computer. Don’t forget to determine the place to save the images, it is highly suggested to use harddisk D.

artikel gif5

And here is the result of my converting process! My GIF image format has been successfully created.

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