Steps to Connect the Laptop/Netbook to Television

In my article today, I will explain about how to connect the laptop with the TV screen. Many people do not know about how to enjoy their entertainment stuffs like film which are played on their laptop and they want it to be displayed on their television. Actually, the steps are so easy to do.

Basically, the PC monitor network is almost the same with your computer screen network. But not all people know about this especially when they want to connect their laptop with their television so that all the displayed stuffs in laptop can be displayed on TV screen.

Just like the function of the projector which displays the function of netbook, you also can connect the laptop to TV to watch the video or photo that you have.

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There are some steps and ways that you can do to connect the laptop screen into TV. Here are 5 ways to connect your laptop to TV that you can practice at home:

1. Connect using DVI Port

DVI or Digital Video Interface is commonly available in many laptop in the market. The latest TV model usually also uses this DVI port. To be able to use the audio with DVI connection, you need to have an audio cable separated with DVI cable.

2. Connect using HDMI port support

HDMI or commonly called as High Definition Multimedia Interface is the best way to connect your laptop to TV screen especially if the TV that you have is the latest LCD or LED TV.

3. Connect using Wireless Converter

By using Wireless Converter to connect the laptop to TV, you do not need to have certain port or cable anymore. The quality of display which you watch is almost the same with the High Definition quality.

4. Connect using VGA Port

This Port VGA besides is owned by all laptop, is also available HDTV although it is not the latest one. To operate this tool, you need to switch off the laptop and the TV first when connecting both devices using VGA port.

5. Connect using S-Video Port

Super Video or commonly called as S-Video port is available in laptop which offers TV-out feature. If your laptop has this great feature, you can connect the laptop to analog TV or digital TV.

That’s all, it’s easy isn’t it? You can connect both devices through all ports that you have. Have a nice day.

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