Steps to Edit the PDF Files in Microsoft Word

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format which was introduced by Adobe Systems in 1993. PDF is a universal-fixed layout format for the exchange of the documents which can be distributed and shared to all platforms or internet. The PDF file is designed to display the documents accurately regardless on the devices that you use to display the documents. Actually, the pdf file format is designed to be seen and not to be edited so that it is more suitable for fixed documents. Technically, pdf file is an image file so that to convert it into text, we need the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) such as Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Adobe Reader, is a free software sold by Adobe Systems, this software cannot be used to edit or modify the pdf file. Microsoft Office Word 2010 only provides to options to save the documents as pdf file. And after that, in Microsoft Word 2013 version, you can later use the program to open and edit the pdf file. Microsoft Word 2013 brings many new features which one of them is the ability to edit the pdf file. Microsoft Word 2013 will convert first the pdf file into the Microsoft Word document and then later, you can edit it. If you have installed the Microsoft Office 2013 software, here are some steps to edit the pdf file in Microsoft Word 2013:

– Runs the Microsoft Office Word 2013 program, click the FILE tab and from Backstage View which later appears, click Open.

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– From the “open”, click Browse to open the “Open” dialogue box.

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– From the dialogue box, direct your cursor to the folder where your preferred pdf file that you want to open is placed, choose the pdf file that you want to edit (in this example I use my own file named as “Pengenalan Bahasa Java.pdf”) and then click “Open”.

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– The dialogue box of Microsoft Word will appear that confirms whether you want to convert the pdf file into Microsoft Word document or not. The conversion result will not be that maximal as maximal as in pdf format moreover if you have the charts on your pdf file. Click OK to proceed.

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– To keep the edited text, it is suggested to save it with the other name. Here, you need to consider two things. First, if the file has been final, you don’t want to edit it in the future, save it as pdf file. Second, if the file is still aimed to be re-edited in the future, please save it as Microsoft Word document (.docx).

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