Steps to Know Your IP Address in Your Computer

Knowing your IP address on your computer, especially on your computer that you use is somehow important. For example, some computers in the office have the internet connection via wireless network router. Someday, the chief of your company requires all of the employee to have a streaming and record the important event in certain television station. Because of a limited bandwidth, the connection of some computers to the internet needs to be disconnected temporarily to increase the bandwidth. To avoid any disconnection on the computer which indeed needs to be connected to the internet, the user of the computer which will have a temporary disconnection based on the planned schedule is asked to give his IP address on his computer to be able to be disconnected by the network administrator.

For those of you who really understand about IT world, knowing the IP address of used computer is not something too difficult to do. But what about if it is other people who do not really know about IT and he has no idea about how to check his own IP address? If you are one of them, you don’t need to worry about this. Here are some steps to know your IP address of your computer:

Check it via Command Prompt

Click Start button. On the text box of Search programs and files, type cmd and then press the keyboard on Enter button.

artikel ip2

From the Command Prompt window which is displayed, type ipconfig and then press the enter button.

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On the Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection, on the row IPv4 Address, you can find out your IP address of your computer which you are using now (

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Check it via Network and Sharing Center

Display the icon tray by pressing the icon of small arrow directed to the lower right corner and then click Internet access icon.

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From the displayed window, click the link of Open Network and Sharing Center which is placed on the lower part of the menu.

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Click the link of Wireless Network Connection which is not the View your active networks option.

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From the Wireless Network Connnection Status window which is displayed, click Details button

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The Network Connection Detail window is presented with many information of internet network. You can see your IP address of your computer which is the number is similar with the first step ( on the row of IPv4 Address.

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So, that’s all about the tutorial today, hopefully it will help you!

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