Steps to Play The Games in Android Using PC Sticks

Playing a video games becomes an activity that we can do in our free time. Before the booming of android gadgets like now, in the past, we used to play a video games by using PS, computer, or Laptop to be able to play a video games which we often play. But after the booming of android gadgets, we become so intense to play a video games through this gadget although we also still use PS and others to play the video games.

Off course now we are more often to play video games in our android gadget because it is simpler and we can play it wherever we are. Besides, in android phone, you can download many kinds of video games for free because today, we can have many apps including the video games that you can download in Play Store.

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Steps to Play The Video Games in Android by Using PC Sticks

And besides, playing video games in android possibly will be more often we do if we play it by using PC sticks the same way when we play video games in PS or other consoles. Yups, today we indeed can use a PC stick when we play games in android phone. The way to play like this has not been widely known by many people. But you don’t need to worry, for those of you who want to try to lay the video games using PC sticks in android phone can try the steps that I will explain to you below.

But before we come into the steps, you will need to have a preparation first by preparing some software or hardware that are required:

  • An android phone which has supported OTG USB.
  • A PS2 Stick or computer.
  • OTG cable
  • A stick converter tool for those of you who use PS sticks, but for those of you who use a computer stick, you can directly use the port from computer stick to the OTG Port.
  • Joycenter app.
  • If those hardware have been prepared, the next one is to run the steps to play the games using the sticks.

If you have done in downloading and installing the Joycenter app, the next step is to pair the PS sticks or computer sticks that you have.
– After you pair up the sticks, now you can open the Joycenter app that you have just installed and next you should choose the option “On IME”.
– If you have done the above step, the next step is that you should click “Search” and wait until there is a display that informs Driver Ex. PC or PS1 DualShock/PS3 DualShock.
– Choose that driver until later you will find a page that contains many codes of sticks that you use.
– After that, you can minimize the joycenter app by choosing the home button on the android gadget that you have.
– After it is minimized, the next thing is that you just need to open the game which is in PPSSPP or FPSE/EPSXE in your android gadget.

One thing you need to know, in playing the games which using sticks, you cannot play the games which uses usual APK data or a game which is specifically designated for android. You only can play the games using sticks in your android if the extension of the games uses PPSSPP, EPSXE, FPSE, Drastic, MYBoy, and other similar apps.

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