Steps to Remove the Shortcut Virus (Ramnit) from Your PC

Ramnit is a PC virus that is so strong and is so difficult to clean. This virus can infect and develop via a svchost program so that we cannot see this virus works in our task manager. This virus identifies the files like exe, html, hml, dat and many other files. The way of this virus works is also destructing, once you plug a drive or a flashdisk into your PC, in a second, all of your files will be changed into a shortcut which cannot be opened anymore, in automatic way, all files in your flashdisk will be moved to your PC where the flashdisk is plugged.

And when the user try to clean up this virus, those files will appear again because Ramnit virus is in active mode in the user’s PC (running) and it will do a replication into user’s Removable Media in automatic way. So that even though you have cleaned it up for thousand times, it will appear again in your PC. besides, there are still many things that are done by this virus. For example, Ramnit commands the browser to open the popup ads which contain a porn images and gambling in certain period. Your browser will also display an error message that also signs that Ramnit has infected the browser.

According to my experience, this virus will not only infect a single file in your PC, there will be thousands of files that are infected by this virus. If you really don’t want this virus develops so rapidly in your PC, you should start to think about how to clean or remove it out from your PC. You can use many programs such as antivirus which is available in many websites, or, you can choose to clean this virus manually, but in this tutorial, I suggest you to clean Ramnit virus via a program because this program cleans up this virus so quickly. Here are the steps!

1. Download PCMAV Express for Ramnit at

artikel ramn1

2. Run as administator on PCMAV Express for ramnit which you have just downloaded.
3. Close all apps and switch off the internet connection.
4. Run a scanning process in your by clicking “Scan & Clean”.

artikel ramn2

5. Wait until PCMAV finishes its scanning and removing process.

The PCMAV that you plan to download should be in Express Cleaner for Ramnit version, because we only use this program to remove the Ramnit virus. So that’s all the steps to clean up Ramnit virus, hopefully this tutorial can help you.

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