The Best 4 Adware Cleaners for Your Windows

The PC users especially the Windows users often download many things from internet; from application/programs until mp3 or mp4 from many websites. But as we have already known, that not all websites are safe. Some of websites put many heinous programs such as virus, malware, adware and even ransomware. This is so dangerous because virus, malware, adware or ransomware can put your identity/personal data at stake. We now focus on adware. What is adware? According to Kaspersky, adware is:

Adware is a form of software that downloads or displays unwanted ads when a user is online, collects marketing data and other information without the user’s knowledge or redirects search requests to certain advertising websites. Adware that does not notify the user and attains his or her consent is regarded as malicious.

So, in conclusion, adware is a software that gives you many ads when you go online, it takes your information and take you out to some unwanted ads. So, by that definition, of course adware is so troubling. But you also do not need to worry since the software developers have managed to establish many adware cleaners. Today, we will talk about The Best 4 Adware Cleaner for Your Windows!

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1. Zemena

It is a cloud based software that can protect you completely from malware an adware. What are its features? Removes unwanted apps, annoying toolbars or browser add-ons, finds and removes even deeply embedded advanced threats like rootkits and bootkits, scans thousands of files per second, compatible with other antivirus solutions, in-house algorithms for zero false positives, doesn’t slow down your PC, and it is easy-to-use. The Zemena size is also quite small, only 5.22MB and you can download it freely on:

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2. HitmanPro

HitmanPro also has a good reputation for crushing the adware and malware in your Windows PC. It protects you so completely and scans your files deeply. You will get 30 days trial for this app. Hitman Pro gives you a Free Scan for a second opinion. It is designed to check if your security measures work. If nothing is found (and we sincerely hope so), then you will never need a license. Get this adware cleaner on

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3. AdwCleaner

AdwCleaner is a good adware cleaner for your Windows PC because it works so effectively on your pc. The size is small yet so powerful to quarantine some undetected adware and delete the adware. AdwCleaner immediately finds all traces of unwanted components or remnants of former installations that should be cleaned. Go get this adware cleaner on

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4. Adware Removal Tools from TSA

This is the last adware cleaner that I suggest to you. Aware Removal tool is a cloud-based tool and it requires an internet connection to run on your Windows PC. This tool is also able to detect and remove most of the malware and adware that exist in Google Chrome, Mozila, Internet Explorer, system folders and files and many more. Go get this app on

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