The best Music Apps for Your Android

Having an android smartphone is something good because you can have many joy with this gadget. One of the joys that you can have in android is that you can play and listen to the music via music apps. Well, android has provided its default music app in its every gadget that it produces, but of course you can find other music apps in play store if you want to. Today, I will discuss about the best music apps for android.

The claim for the best is gotten from the stars collected by the apps in Play Store, the more stars it collects, the better rating this app will get. But of course every app has their own weaknesses and strengths. So, without waiting any longer, let’s check them one by one.


Musixmatch is the music app which should be placed on the 1st position because of its best features. You should know that this app has been downloaded by more than 1.257.595 people in Google Play Store. Here are some features offered by MusixMatch to you:

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Displaying the Lyrics when Playing the Music

There is one feature that can be the reason why MusixMatch is the best app for music player that is an automatic lyric finder that will be displayed right when you play the music. This feature is so useful for those of you who want to sing along with the mp3 or doing karaoke along the music and there are many other features in MusixMatch that you should not miss.


Joox Music app is placed on 2nd position as this app has been installed by about 975.658 Play Store users. There are many positive comments on the review and that becomes the main reason why this app deserves this position.

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What are the features owned by Joox?

• Free to download
• It also provides the biggest music library
• Playlist Recommendation – get the playlist from Joox with a good songs that suit your mood.

#PowerAmp Music

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The last best music app is PowerAmp music player. The features are so good for music lover because as the user, you can set the bass, treble, and vocal volume which it produces. With its best algorithm calculation, this app provides the clear voice in every music it plays.

• Support files such as mp3, mp4 / m4a (including ALAC.), Ogg, wma *, flac, wav, kera, wv, tta, mpc, aiff
• Support for m3u, M3U8, pls, WPL playlist
• Customized theme
• 4 types of widget with many styles within and it is suitable with the Android widget 4,2 screen resolution.
• Free

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