The Best Screen Recorder Apps for Windows PC in 2017

The screen recorder app for PC is something a must to have for all PC users when they have any activity which are always related to video recording. Well, there are many functions of video recorder in PC such as recording your activity on your screen which later you will make it into a video or maybe you want to have a tutorial video for everyone which you can upload later on Youtube. As we know, all PC operating system has been supported by many screen recorder apps such as Mac, Linux and even Windows OS, but today, we will discuss about The Best Screen Recorder Apps for Windows PC in 2017. I am sure many of you here use Windows as your operating system for your PC.

Those apps are considered the best because they can deliver a high quality of record, its features which are varied and complete for their users and what is so good too is that they can be downloaded for free (although some of these apps are not 100% free, some of them are having a paid version too). So, without waiting any longer, let’s check them up on the list below!

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1. Open Broadcaster Software

This is the best screen recorder app for Windows PC so far from my own observation. It can record the screen and save the video in MP4 or FLV format. Not just that, you also can have a live broadcasting in online mode via this app.

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2. XSplit Gamecaster

XSplit Gamecaster is an app which is intentionally made to record the Windows PC screen when you play a game on it, we also can save the result of the recording in many file formats and you also can have a live broadcast via this app in online mode.

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3. Dxtory

The next one is Dxtory, this screen recorder app has a simple user interface and the size is light enough for many users. But although the size is light, this app produces a very good video resolution. And even more, it can record the computer sound and the video result can be edited separately.

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4. WM Capture

WM Capture is also one of the best screen recorder apps today, this app can schedule the recording’s duration that you are just doing.

5. Action! App

This is the last best app for screen recorder which is named as Action. This app can record the screen in live or non-live mode, it also can set the video resolution up to full HD 1080p.

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