The Easy Way to Find The Wifi Password on Android

Almost everyday, we use our gadget to help our daily routine activities. Instead of using the data packet on our phone, we also sometimes use the wifi internet connection everywhere, even in our office. But sometimes we also want to use wifi connections which are available in certain public spaces such as in airport, bus station, government office and many more. Sometimes those wifi connections are free and sometimes they are not. But how if we really need the wifi connection but we find that the wifi connection is not free, or it is shielded by the password? Off course it will destruct our activities. You need to have some applications that can ease you to be connected everywhere by wifi connections. There is a special note on my tutorial below, you need to read it carefully before you install and do the tutorial y yourself. Today, I would like to share about how to find the wifi password thorugh your android phone.


There are some required specification of operating system of your android before you do this trick.

1. Android version 2.2 and upper.
2. Your android phone has been rooted.

App that should be downloaded:
– Wifi Key Recovery


Steps to find the wifi password:

– Please download the required app and system that have been mentioned above into your android phone.
– Install Wifi Key Recovery into your android phone (you can easy find it in Google Play Store, just type the name of app on search box and it will be displayed on the screen).
– In case if you are required to allow the access the “SuperSU”, please click “Yes” or “Grant”.
– If you have done those steps above, you can go back to the home menu.
– Now please go to “Settings” menu to switch on your wifi connection.
– After you switch the wifi connection on, the wifi will automatically detect the wifi signals around you like the normal operation.
– But please note that the shown wifi passwords on your android device are only the wifi passwords that have even been kept by your phone before.
– These steps are used to recover the wifi passwords in case you forget the passwords.

Now, you can enjoy the free internet through wifi connection because you can access the passwords. You don’t need to retype the passwords in case if you forget it, just install the Wifi Key Recovery App then you can re-access the wifi connection.

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