The Steps to Check /Test the USB Sticks which has been Connected with PC/LAPTOP of Windows 7

USB Joystick is a hardware of input computer tool which can be used to play a game in computer as the controller because there are many computer games which support the use of USB Joystick and gamepad. For some people, playing the PC games by using USB sticks is more comfortable than using Keyboard and Mouse.

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Checking the USB Joystick becomes something important, if you want to buy a USB Joystick or to check the condition of the stick of whether it is broken or not. You don’t need to use certain software to check the USB stick, to do that, you can do some simple steps below:

1. Connect the USB Sticks on USB port which has been available in your PC
2. Click Start and then, on the search box just type “USB Game Controllers”
3. If you have found them, just directly click “USB Game Controllers”
4. Here, USB Joystick will be detected as like what is displayed on the picture below

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5. To check the buttons and check whether all buttons are normal or not, click Properties, and then press all stick buttons respectively, if there is a response so it means the button is still normally functioning.

In details, the steps are like this:

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1. On “Axes” that is to check on the left and right analogue, move the left analogue and right analogue, if it is normal, the symbol “+” in the box will follow the movement of the analogue which you are moving now
2. “Point of View Hat” is the place to check the direction button
3. On “Button” is the part to check the buttons on the joystick, press one of them, if it functions normally the color will be brighter on the screen display.
4. Move to “Calibration Function” tab, it is functioned like “Axes” but in this tab, all stuffs are made clearer.

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On the next tab that is “Vibration Test” is the part to check the vibration on the joystick, move up the strength if you want to enhance the vibration.

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On the “About” tab, you can check the driver version of the joystick.

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If you have done, just click “OK”.

But if the USB Stick is not detected, there should be some probability. The first probability is the USB Joystick has been broken, second, the USB port to PC / Laptop is not functioning, and the last one is that the USB Joystick driver is possibly not installed properly in the PC.

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