Tips and Tricks to Enhance the Battery Endurance in Windows 10

It’s not that long time ago for Microsoft officially launched their updated operating system that is Windows 10. There are many improvements and changes which is brought by Windows 10, but is there anyone of us here that experience a problem on their notebook battery after they upgrade their notebook into Windows 10? Here are some tips that you can probably do to make your PC more efficient in using the battery on Windows 10.

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The software role is so important in the efficiency of a battery usage in certain device. Moreover if the device is notebook which has a powerful hardware, so that the energy it needs is not small. So at this point, the role of software in the power management of battery usage is so needed by hardware. Windows 10 alone has introduced some features to make an efficient use of battery so that it will be saver in terms of power consumption.

Here are some tips and tricks to save your battery usage in Windows 10.

Battery Saver

Battery Saver is a new feature which is introduced on Windows 10 OS that can help you to save the battery consumption on your notebook. You can use this new feature by accessing Settings > System > Battery Saver and you will see the level of battery usage on your device.

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If you choose to open ‘Battery Use’, it later will display a detail of components that use a high energy consumption. In this part, you can configure and restrict the services according to your preference.

Choose the Change background app settings link, you can configure the apps which run on background. You can deactivate those running apps by sliding the panel into ‘Off” mode on every app. The running app on background can drain your battery power because when you don’t use it, those apps will always be active to deliver the notifications or update their information and many more.

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Next choose Change Battery saver settings, on this configuration, you can choose when does the battery saver will automatically be activated, usually, the default setting is in 20% but you can configure it especially on the level of percentage that can meet your preference. Give a checklist on Lower screen brightness while in battery saver and don’t give a checklist on Allow push notification. You also can add whatever apps that you want to run in background by choosing “Add an app”.

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Windows 10 Power & Sleep

The next option which we place on the second after the battery saver is Power & Sleep feature which is also aimed to save the usage of battery on your notebook.

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You can manage the configuration when your notebook screen is in off and in a sleep mode and it uses the battery. You can customize the configuration according to your preference.

For power option management, you can choose Additional power setting link that will direct you to the battery configuration which the configuration itself is the same with the previous version of Windows battery management. In this part, perhaps you have been so familiar so that it will be easy to arrange those configurations.

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That’s all my tips, hopefully it will be so much helpful!

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