Windows 10 Cloud will Challenge Chrome OS!

Microsoft launched Windows 10 for an ambitious aim that is the 1 billion devices run their own operating systems. Today, it is just 300 million devices which use Windows 10.

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To reach the target of 1 billion users around the world, this company has been reported to sell a super cheap PC with a simple version of Windows 10 untuk bersaing langsung dengan Chromebook yang run Google Chrome OS. This new edition, currently known as “Windows Cloud,” is listed alongside other existing Windows 10 editions inside builds as far back as Windows 10 software development kit 15003, as noted by “The Walking Cat” on Twitter. There are listings for both Cloud and CloudN (for the version without Media Player pre-installed, as noted by Brad Sams on inside recent Insider test builds.

According to the trusted source, a report which unveils the Windows 10 version which is mentioned as “Windows 10 Cloud”, is in the testing stage. Windows 10 Cloud is a simplifed version of Windows 10 that will be able to run only Unified Windows Platform (UWP) apps installed from the Windows Store, my contacts say. Think of it as being similar to the version of Windows 10 formerly known as Windows RT or the Windows 8.1 with Bing SKU.

According to that report, as it is quoted from Mashable, on Monday, February 5th, 2017, Windows 10 Cloud is a simple version of Windows 10 which only will run apps of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) which are downloaded from Windows Store. That means, the PC user of Windows 10 Cloud will not can install their own apps from other place.

Following that report, the Italian blog, WindowsBlogItalia published the first screen display of Windows 10 Cloud. In that display, Windows 10 Cloud seemed very identic with the regular version of Windows 10. The only simplification that is made by Microsoft in this model is related to where the apps will be installed.

The name of cloud from Windows 10 Cloud alone is something that is misleading. Unlike Chrome OS, which is so dependent with the apps and cloud-based services, that report said that Windows 10 Cloud has “little bit or I has no connection with the cloud.”

That name is probably used to be the way to promote directly and compete with Chromebook and Chrome OS. Besides that, it also shows to the customers that the Windows 10 Cloud machine doesn’t have a “full” feature of Windows 10.

Nevertheless, with Chromebook gets the Android apps from Google Play this year, Microsoft is undoubtful to try to place Windows Store on Personal Computer. Windows 10 Cloud will be the complete way to do that mission.

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